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Rudimentary materials; an oak table and chair, a bamboo stick and worn brush, india ink and rag paper allow me to penetrate the veil of consciousness to the “cosmic night” and navigate the paradoxes of space and time, darkness and light and material and spirit to create my dream drawings.


The territory that I am rendering is tenuous and ambiguous, more void than substantive. My drawing technique emulates these qualities. It is loose, suggestive and evocative.  Sharp and distinct images are often juxtaposed next to blurred and obscure ones. Thought, feeling, and touch coincide in each moment of drawing. The bamboo stick that I use is often a source of gestural accidents, which both provoke and guide me into unexpected directions. The ink medium is unforgiving, so “mistakes” are improvised into the composition of each finished work. In this fluid and dynamic process, I often reach a state of reverie. I am no longer brushing or drawing ink on paper. Rather, I am dreaming it on.


The sources of my imagery are varied. I have fashioned and assembled an intimate iconography consisting of images gleaned from family photos and scenarios in my dream journals. I combine this repertoire of images to create narratives which startle, contradict, and surprise. They also refer to the archetypal themes that are described in the works of Carl Jung: “The Persona”, the “Shadow” and the “Willing Sacrifice”. The Unconscious, that vast labyrinth of enigmatic psychological forms, is the all-encompassing subject of my work.

Raku Process
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